Mosey EP

by The Depravations

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Recorded at Hob Junker Studios


released February 1, 2011



all rights reserved


The Depravations Galway, Ireland

The Depravations were a five piece indie folk pop band based in Galway City, Ireland.

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Track Name: Tonight
Tonight I die beneath the stars
From afar they watch me fade
The trees stand still and watch it too

Through the trees the breeze
Comes then to kiss my skin
And stir my chest to rise again
The leaves they dance in perfect time

To the stutter of my heart
A broken beat, a false start
As I fall

Into the nights arms

Tonight ends in epiphany
My heart stops but life flows into me
This could be the start of it all
Track Name: Oh My Love
Oh my love
Let me know
When you're down
When you're home

I've got to know
When you're in town
I've got to tell you
Something I've done
You won't be happy no
You may cry

Oh my love
Track Name: In The Garden
In the garden of Eden, baby
There was a man and a woman
Born of dust
And a touch
Made for love and lust
Even in paradise it gets lonely

In the garden

In the garden a serpent one day
Said to Eve and Adam
Eat the fruit
Yeah, why not?
Learn the truth
Become as God
Even in paradise it gets boring

In the garden

In the garden but leaving, baby
There was a man and a woman
Now they're lost
Now they're cursed
To live in pain and toil the earth
Even in paradise God gets angry

In the garden

But don't get heavy
We've got each other baby
Don't get heavy today
Track Name: Summer Rain
Here comes the summer rain
Here it comes
Lets duck down this sudden lane
From these sodden bombs
No way

We will run from the clouds
To the jailed and gentle sun
Oh yeah

God made the summer rain
So I'll praise God
For now my lover waits
In a shower soft
No way

We will run from the clouds
To the jailed and gentle sun
Oh yeah

You will run, I will call, you will stand
In the sun between the wall and my hands
And the rain, when it falls, let it land
On your face my dear its all in Gods plan
Track Name: Not Forgotten
We are ships before the breeze
Dieing of thirst and riddled with disease
I thought I could feel a change in the wind
I hope you still feel me on your skin

The only escape from this ship is sleep
The only sleep to be had is through drink
So I drink to your health, drink till I'm sore
And dream of a drier death on shore

Last night as I lay sleeping
My mind being bent on wandering
I dreamt we were sitting by The Corrib
Thought I could smell the perfume in your blood

But darling we're still young
And I think we're fine
And the lessons of our youth will come back in time
And darling, darling you
Won't forget the lessons of your youth

Not forgotten
Oh no no

Well I''ve been on this boat so long
I hope your love don't fail me now
Its been hard but I'm coming home
I hope your love don't fail me now
I'm gonna take you in my arms
I hope your love don't fail me now
I'm gonna show you who's your man
I hope your love don't fail me now